Just select the package according to your version of OS X.

If you are unsure what to download, simply click on the  menu in the menubar and select „About this Mac...“. There you can see which version of OS X you‘re running on your Mac.

Mac OS X 10.9.x Mavericks & Yosemite *** updated 14.09.2014 **‘*

  1. GIMP 2.8.14 for Mavericks and Yosemite 

         (internal: 2.8.14p1, md5: 493637b7b02db77c6290d2befa3c42d9 )

Mac OS X 10.6.x Snow Leopard & 10.7.x Lion &  10.8 Mountain Lion - 64 bit 

  1. GIMP 2.8.10 for Snow Leopard & Lion & Mountain Lion

         (internal: 2.8.10, md5: 05d795c6f559a08ee45de73251b8f8ed )

Mac OS X 10.5.x Leopard - still uses X11

  1. GIMP 2.6.11 for Leopard

            (internal 2.6.11, md5: f4964598dfedc6817cf28a892aee93be )

Mac OS X 10.4.11 Tiger - still uses X11

  1. GIMP 2.6.11 for Tiger

          (internal 2.6.11, md5: 7710246ec4ac8a737a1f8d58483fda46 )

GIMP 2.8 User Manual

  1. GIMP 2.8 User Manual - english

  2. GIMP 2.8 User Manual - german

  3. GIMP 2.6 User Manual - spanish

  4. GIMP 2.8 User Manual - french

Access the User Manual from within GIMP by using the menu entry „Help - User manual“ or by clicking on the help button you‘ll find in various dialogs.

GIMP 2.6 User Manual

  1. GIMP 2.6 User Manual - english

  2. GIMP 2.6 User Manual - german

  3. GIMP 2.6 User Manual - spanish

  4. GIMP 2.6 User Manual - french

Have fun.

Simone ( skl at lisanet dot de )


Here you can download recent versions of GIMP for Mac OS X.

The packages support PPC and Intel Macs as well as systems running Mac OS X 10.4.x (Tiger), 10.5.x (Leopard),  10.6.x SnowLeopard,  10.7.x Lion, 10.8.x Mountain Lion and 10.9.x Mavericks


Latest GIMP version


Mac OS X version required:

for Tiger        10.4.11
for Leopard   10.5.7+
for SnowLeopard    10.6.4+
for Lion         10.7.0+
for MountainLion    10.8.0+
for Mavericks    10.9.0+

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