Noise reduction: Wavelet Denoise

Wavelet Denoise is a very powerful tool to reduce noise in each channel of an image separately. Besides it‘s very good and impressive results it‘s very fast. Wavelet Denoise is comparable (not to say better) to other well known commercial products.

Noise reduction: GREYCstoration

GREYCstoration is a another powerful noise reduction plugin which uses a different algorithm than Wavelet Denoise. It‘s mainly included for backward compatibility.

Content-aware resizing: Liquid Rescale

The Liquid Rescale procedure aims at resizing pictures non uniformly while preserving their features, i.e. avoiding distortion of the important parts.

Lens-alike focus: Focus-Blur

Focus-Blur offers the ability to give your photos an out of focus effect and depth of field effect, just like SLR lenses do.

RAW image support: UFRaw

Improved compatibility with Aperture on using TIFF  images.

UFRaw‘s main window now remains open, after you have saved an image. So you can easily make various versions of your picture using different parameters without the need to reopen the raw image again.
Support for lens distortion corrections is included using the lensfun library.

Smart Removal and texture synthesis: Resynthesizer

Given a sample of a texture, Resynthesizer creates more of that texture. The most surprising usage is to remove objects from an image and replace them seamless with the surrouding background.

Edit images in different detail scales: Wavelet Decompose

The wavelet decompose plugin is really great for softening skin in portraits without loosing too much details.

Fix chromatic aberration: Fix-CA

Fix-CA is a plugin to correct chromatic aberration caused by lenses or colored fringing caused by light travel through dense material.

and even more...

wavelet sharpen...   great for sharpening your photos

normalmap...   if you work with DDS files, you will love it

dds...   load and save your DDS files


Simone ( skl at lisanet dot de )

Photo editing plugins

Aditional plugins for photo editing

To the already wide range of default plugins shipped with a standard GIMP distribution, GIMP on OS X now adds some more, really great plugins for photo editing and retouching.


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